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    Gundam-cember might have ended late, but it ends on a high note to welcome in the new year.

    • Neon

      Loved 0080. It is the best OVA Gundam can offer. I would put it in the top 3 of my favourite Gundam series (only losing to Build Fighters and Iron Blooded Orphans). It also makes me want to eat a hamburger after watching it.

      Also, I’ve noticed you’re not releasing episodes on every 14th, 21st and 28th like you used to. Is this due to the fire and mother board incidents? Will the schedule return to normal in the near future?

      • Kenneth Eaton

        Losing to Build Fighters and Iron Blood Or-WHAT THE FUCK!?

        • Neon

          To each their own, pal. To each their own.

    • jesternario

      2:50 in and I am hereby taking Sage’s advice and not watching this until I have seen it for myself.

    • Cameron Ward

      Such a good series. I remember not liking it when I was a kid because it didn’t have a lot of gundam fights, but it’s definitely one of those series where itgets better the older you get.

      • Alto200

        Didn’t know you were a Gundam fan!

        • Cameron Ward

          I love the series, but I have sadly not been up to date on the more recent stuff.

    • penguintruth

      Good review. I covered this in my first year of my videos for Christmas (though I’ve had to shuffle it from video platform to video platform, and finally edited it down so it could be on YT). It’s probably the best Gundam entry in terms of overall writing. And the writer was the writer and director of Royal Space Force, Hiroyuki Yamaga.


    • asehpe

      By the way, whatever happened to the Anime Abandon episodes about older stuff? I tried to re-watch your Devilman review, but it just told me Vimeo (Vidme?) no longer exists… Is it gone forever? (The YouTube version is edited for YouTube standards…)