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    Sage is back, and so is Obari month as we take a look at quite possibly his worst anime.

    • Jiryn

      Ok, the jokes with your partner have gone to far, I would have enjoyed them more if they were a one off instead of being brought up, shown ever week.

      That said, I am surprised you didn’t go the Deadpool route and treat Gabe like Al.

    • BlancaXLobo

      I would like to seea Gravion review.

    • Narratorway

      Ooh, a Viper GTS reference I see. Dare I expect this month will feature a Suave review?

    • penguintruth

      I share your suffering, Sage.


    • hariman

      …Well, that’s rather… meh.
      Poor Gabe. Poor, Poor Gabe!

      I wonder what his next vengeance shall be.

    • Fiery Little One

      Yeah, I could see this being a case for Obari being gay. The only effect this has on his work is the seeming preoccupation with the male character designs, unless he’s *very* aware of what the straight female side of his audience would find physically attractive.

      Gabe brought this one on himself, so yeah. hehe.

    • Cameron Ward

      Seems more like there was more focus on Obari than the actual series. Granted, I understand the point of the view and the direction this review went into, but still.

      solid review, but I guess I was expecting more in terms of the individual this month is getting focused on.

    • Taylor Shiells

      Worst Anime show you’ve ever seen? You have clearly not seen Gantz

      • Bogdan Naratov

        Gantz wasn’t that bad o.O

    • Raiden

      You’re going to have a crossover or something to the reset the universe and give gabe his eyesight back right? . Because the blind jokes are going to get really old really fast.