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    Live in the Orlando, Florida area? Then come see Bennett The Sage and many other special guests at the Double Tree for Mythicon 2014!

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    Neer’s notes: The rest of December--!>

    Hey there kids, your friendly community Engineer here to give you the greatest gift of all, a post from yours truly. I’m not planning on making these on the regular, if only because usually, we cover this sort of thing on ToolShed. But I thought, as a nice thing to do, a look towards what’s […]

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    Citizen of Bennettopia, you have done well this weekend. Many orders were placed, lives were saved.

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    I’ve been happy to be making Anime Abandon for as long as I have been, but lately, it has been getting more ambitious, which requires more funding than is available. To help support the necessary growth of both the audience and reach, we (myself and The Engineer) have created a “tip jar” for anyone inclined. […]

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    After almost two years of doing Anime Abandon, I’ve often wondered what are some of your guys’ favorite episodes so far. So, I’ve decided to take a poll and see once and for all. Provided are the ten episodes that I think are my best work. You can vote for three episodes and you have […]

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    On my hard drive, at the time of this writing, I have several files of novels, scripts, ideas, and treatments, all in varied states of (in)completion. I have them tucked away in a folder that is not clicked on often for reasons that are immediately obvious. I have yet to meet anyone who readily wallows […]

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