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    It’s finally time for Sage to lay it on the line and count off his favorites. This week, it’s his top ten favorite films.

    • Team America World Police. America F Yeah! My favorite puppet movie. My favorite music movie, all the songs just make me smile. The effects are amazing. Puppets throwing up (watch the character’s chest heave during this scene), having sex (or at least trying!), nobody has done this stuff with puppets before or since. Matt Damon, Arec Bardwin, all the crazy characters, just a great movie.

    • Rocky: So You need a montage! Even Rocky Had a Montage! More seriously, Rocky was a great movie. Its not about winning, its about challenging yourself, pushing yourself beyond your normal capabilities to rise up and give the crowd a good show. Its about the amazing character portrayals and interactions especially between Mickey and Rocky and Rocky and Adrian. Its an underdog story but doesn’t go the low brow route that some underdog movies do like Major League (But even Major League borrows cues from Rocky, Taylor is essentially Rocky, his knees shot and hoping for one last season of glory while trying to woo an old flame back to him in Lynn who serves as his Adrian) and never insults Rocky by playing down his skill or potential. Of course, Major League would make my top 10 list, as its one of my most watched movies of all time, and as a movie about the Cleveland Indians finally making it big, holds a special place in my heart (especially since the revival happened after the movie, with our team in the playoffs every year, but never quite winning it all in two World Series tries in our 90s run). I’ve always liked Rambo a bit better, but the thing that makes Rocky so good is that the man is human, not an 80s action star, with real human emotions and interactions and is by far Stallone’s best performance as an actor.

    • American Psycho is such a bizarre character study of a true narcissistic psychopath and a satire of capitalism and what it turns us into. Christian Bale can act this movie shows it as Patrick Bateman. I just don’t understand why its not the case in Batman or Terminator Salvation. Like I said about Rocky showing that Sylvester Stallone can act, this movie shows that Christian Bale has acting chops and can portray interesting characters. But he is also the exact opposite of Rocky, as human as Rocky is, Patrick Bateman is a cold robot, an automaton obsessed with perfection in both physical body as well as appearance and accoutrements. The one scene to me that is the movie is Patrick Bateman having sex with a woman, and looking at himself the entire time. The narcissism of the scene, almost like I look good doing this, almost like he is making love to himself. Taking an act of love between two people and turning it into something else, an act of devotion to oneself. Its disturbing and revolting.

    • A Scanner Darkly…the movie is simply a technical marvel. It is completely wrongly maligned. The actors and actresses have great performances and the visual effects are stunning because of the human expressions that work with the great voice acting. The performances range from comical to sympathetic. Its a movie about the struggle of addiction. Drugs is merely one thing that you can be addicted to.

    • RustySpider

      You left your Skype on at the start of American Psycho.

      • novanis

        Thx Mr. Obvious. 😛

    • Given that you like A Scanner Darkly and Jinroh the Wolf Brigade, I would STRONGLY reccomend that you check out Waltz with Bashir. The animation is more than a little similar to A Scanner Darkly and the emphasis on surreal dreams and memories in the narrative structure bears comparison to both Jinroh and A Scanner. Seriously, If Jinroh and A Scanner somehow had a nonfiction baby it would be Waltz with Bashir. I can’t reccomend this film strongly enough!

    • Lostinshalott

      I was quite surprised there wasn’t more asian cinema on here but I love your inclusion of Philip K Dick it makes me sad he never got to see blade runner finished.

    • TreizFaction

      going to check out Adaptation!

    • interesting choices…

    • My favorite film of all time is the original conan the barbarian film with Arnold Schwarzenegger! There is nothing out there better than swords and sorcery Its my favorite genre of games and movies lotr and king arthur, stuff like that, and ofcourse ive been with the elder scrolls series since the very beginning because my grandmother and grandfather was gamers, my grandfather was and still is a console gamer and my grandmother was and still is a pc gamer! So I’ve been playing both pc and console and even though i was a young kid i got to follow really old ass games from the second they came out all the way up until there current sequels and spin off’s in 2013… crazy… i know… Just throwing that all out there!

      Long story short, original Conan the barbarian best movie ever, the elder scrolls series best american rpg games ever!

      wouldn’t you agree that skyrim is better that final fantasy 13? american rpg’s have always been better than japanese rpg games, but nobody knew about them until recently, now that everyone has a pc or a laptop and internet connection, everyone is a pc gamer now and they can go back and see just how much more in depth and amazing american rpg’s have always been compared to mainstreen japanese and japanese turn based style rpg’s. Just saying bro…

    • Jave

      Interesting #1 choice, though I’ll say, if you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend Trainspotting, which discusses similar themes, but grounded a bit more in an actual time and place, and with a very sharp wit.

      • Billy Bob Throrton

        It’s his favorite movie of all time,and you’re going to recommend something else in it’s place?
        Its his favorite movie!

        Maybe he likes his favorite because it isn’t as grounded in reality and doesn’t have “a very sharp wit”
        this an opinion based video,stupid.
        And Trainspotting is about as average as every other Danny Boyle movie. He’s gotta be the most overly brown-nosed director of the 2000s,like Tarantino of the 90s and ever since.

    • Jessy McKalen

      So a book about a sadistic murderer is… a sharp satire of the 80’s. Such observations can only come through a thorough and deliberate detachment from mere reality.

    • Alistair Carlyle

      I hope you’ve come to your senses by now about scanner darkly, wtf.

      And Jin roh is a very poor choice as well, an anime film that has none of what makes animation great, may as well have been live action.