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    Super ToolShed: In The Breeze

     Feb 5 2015 | more 

    Getting back into something of a routine, the boys wax poetic about a few non-specific things in what Sage refers to as a “Junk drawer episode”.

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    • Lauri Hyv√§rinen

      Is Sage gonna talk About RWBY series? i dont know is it Anime Abandon material.Its pretty good.Now with Ninja month I am REALLY hoping for Sage doing Naruto or Naruto Shippuden Movie Episode.

      • Sol Gill

        I wouldn’t hold your breath on Naruto. I think both of those are after the cut off date and even if they were within the cut off date Naruto would be better as a end of the year thing like EVA and Inuyasha were.

        • hariman

          There’s also the issue of not being able to talk about a whole series in a single episode. And the movies might not have one that sums up the series like the Inuyasha movie did.

          • Lauri Hyv√§rinen

            Well sage did gave a pretty quick summary about the Inuyasha mythos..So i dont think that explaining the main charcters quickly and the world would be so hard.He does not have to explain the whole life story of Naruto either..Just that he is a main charctrer and he has a nine tailed fox demon inside him and he has a rivally with Sasuke..well Sage can make up better summary than that but along those lines

            • hariman

              He’d probably need two episodes to cover how Shippuuden takes Naruto off the rails and undoes a LOT of the good from the original series with both Destiny and cheap instant power upgrades. And by ruining anyone who might become a Valkyrie Bitch.

            • Lauri Hyv√§rinen

              Shippuden does not kill Naruto mythos THAT bad..It has good points.As i said earlier.Also i wonder who might get the tittle of “Valyrie Bitch” in naruto/N Shippuden..maybe Sakura? Tsunade?

            • hariman

              None of them compare with “Super-Ninja-Jesusto-HAI!”, AKA: Naruto, who gets power ups like candy and “has to forgive all past ills and have no anger for the 9 tailed fox to latch on to” to gain one of said powerups.

              Tsunade and Sakura do NOT make up for killing Hinata for drama, or for Sasuke killing (or nearly killing) his one female ally, who has to be BITTEN to heal him.

              They also don’t make up for the ridiculous “It’s his destiny!” pile of trash added to the plotline, which also undermines Naruto’s theme of “Hard work can make up for not being special at birth.”

            • Lauri Hyv√§rinen

              I cant argue about how Sasuke treaded Karin an Sakura..And if you know how the epilogue then Sasuke also does a bit douche thing to Sakura..

              I do not see that Hinata was almost killed for drama.BUT she could had a better change to tell naruto.It would be epic if she and Neji would had fought togheter Neji¬īs dad who is a undead soldier of Obito in the war.Its too bad that Hinata dont have many cool scenes..BUT maybe her and Narutos…

            • Sol Gill

              Naruto is too big of a hydra for him to cover now, and again: Cut off date. Plus I don’t think there is a movie that can encapsulate all of the problems Naruto had.

            • Lauri Hyv√§rinen

              Movies are usually just very simple plot/filler Season rolled in an hour.Besides i do not want Sage to Bitch about the show that i really like..There ARE problems,yes and movies are also generic/dumb at their points.

              But i havent sent a billion messages to sage to do a Naruto Episode,i ONLY wished at loud(or on a forum) that he would SOMEDAY do Video about naruto.

              Maybe when the Last Episode of anime appears then Sage might have a good window to do it.It has already ended in japan and it will soon end in Europe/Us.

        • Lauri Hyv√§rinen

          Yeah..Well i can dream..Sage`s show is entertaining even without Naruto review

        • Lauri Hyv√§rinen

          Damn.Well I`m gonna watch Ninja monht anyways..too bad sage cant do “La blue girl”..THATS A Ninja thing..

        • Lauri Hyv√§rinen

          Sorry,sorry..heh..i tried to be funny and i dont think Sage can do La blue girl in this website..Its the same thing with Bible black or any other Hentai.

        • tasti man LH

          Is it? I mean, I know back in 2013 he made the whole thing with each new year he’d move up the cut-off date. Taking into account in 2013 he moved it up to 2004, by now it should be 2006.

          I mean, they’ve stated time and time again that they want an AA at some point for GitS:SAC and that originally came out in 03-04.

    • Kilgore

      Hey guys, you forgot the period that’s supposed to be in the episode link to the MP3.

      Fellow listeners, the corrected link is below (just copy and paste into your browser).


      • Neerclass

        It’s been fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

        • Kilgore

          No problem.

    • MrPants

      Marc be all like, “You can tear up your throat, I still have auditions to do”, and I’m over here all like, “Let me hire you, damn it!”

      But to no avail.

    • slayride

      The appeal of Let’s Plays for me is generally for games that I am interested in the story but not the gameplay of a game. The games that I generally enjoy are strategy RPGs like Disgaea, FPS with RPG elements like Borderlands, turn-based RPGs like Persona, RTS like Starcraft, action games with no or little platfoming, shmups from Lifeforce to Colony Wars, flight sim shooters like Wing Commander, and puzzle games. I can play these games myself. Where the Let’s Play comes in is if I am interested in a game’s story but find the gameplay abhorrent. Like its a Quicktime nightmare, too much jumping around, a dark game with too much camera rotation that gives me vertigo (I never got vertigo until the 3D0 and high camera rotation games in 3d became a thing. The first game was actually ADnD Slayer that gave me vertigo), etc. When it comes to these kind of games I might be interested in the story but have no desire (or physical/mental ability with the vertigo) to play it. One example was Heavenly Sword (which Sony even made into a movie that I saw recently). The gameplay is God of War hack and slash, platforming, and quicktime events. The hack and slash is no problem, boring and uninteresting, but playable. The platforming and quick time though kill the game for me. I managed to get through a couple stages at a friend’s house, didn’t enjoy the gameplay, found the story interesting and watched it later. The other advantage of Lets Plays is you can watch games played of systems you don’t have anymore or never had to begin with.

      • hariman

        The best use for Let’s Plays that I have is for nostalgia. I didn’t want to replay Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, so I watched a Let’s Play.

        Now, I regret that I chose a guy who whined through one of the harder sections of the game, but otherwise, I enjoyed watching someone else play through instead of playing through myself.

        Other than that, sometimes it fun to watch a streamer play a new game, though I prefer streams that have a decent level of chat interaction with the streamer. Or other times, I’ll watch a streamer play a game I’m not interested in, because the game looks like fun and is more fun when someone else plays it.

        Although, that still hinges a bit on an entertaining caster and chat interaction.

        What? I like cracking wise at the antics going on in game!

    • slayride

      Seattle was completely classless at the end of that game and deserved to lose. Classless with the media before as well. The Patriots are cheaters (Deflategate should not even be a thing, the NFL should take care to make sure the balls are properly inflated to insure a level playing field and take it out of the team’s hands. Not to mention the legal formation shifts that beat the Ravens but violated the spirit of the game and fairness as the Ravens didn’t have enough time to id who they were supposed to cover on those plays). I couldn’t care if either team won as I don’t like either team. But it was one of the better Super Bowls games in recent memory.

    • JillyBean

      I actually like some of markiplier’s videos. Generally just the five nights at freddies. For me I only like lets plays for horror games. One because their short, and two, because though I’m a big fan of creepy scary stuff, I am not so good with jump scares. So there are just some games I cant do. Five Nights is a good example, I just could not take that game. So I’ll watch a horror lets play because I dunno I still like the stuff but I cant get myself to complete them, and a good personality behind the controller takes some of the edge off.

      I do seriously hate pewdiepie though.

      And its sad about Monty, I wasnt a huge fan of RWBY but I do love Red vs Blue who I believe he was a big animator on. And weather I liked the show he made or not, it’s still sad, and the new media world is new enough and small enough big losses like that feel pretty huge.

    • Ulath

      Even being a Kingdom Hearts fan, and not as a four letter word, I was pretty much on board with everything. It is faaaaar from best in class action rpg, and part 1 is definitely not as strong with return playthroughs, but I will always come up to bat and say the non-cash grab entries are really enjoyable taken as a whole.

      Now when it comes to Vagrant Story I gotta say I wasn’t a fan of the combat system. As for the other two, you’re right, haven’t played them. But then you had to make a name drop like Threads of Fate. After my brain started working again the words were able to sink in and all I could think was, “Holy shit they do exist.”

    • hariman

      I don’t think Marc is nihilistic. He’s just blunt and won’t take any shit. I actually work with a guy who’s similar to him, though he comes to the same sort of personality from a different angle.

      I’m not a sports fan.

      Monty Oum’s passing hit me pretty hard too. Especially since I’ve had a couple life threatening allergic reactions.

      Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were good. I might get Kingdom Hearts 3. Eventually. I liked the gameplay improvements in Kingdom Hearts 2 from 1, but now that I think of it, Dark Cloud 1 and 2 were about as good gameplay wise as KH2.

      I miss anime blocks, and I want anime blocks that mix the classic hits with new ones so people get that there’s more than the new stuff.

      • JillyBean

        Dark Cloud is one of my favorite Action RPG games, certainly the one I re play the most.

        I often hear people call it a Legend of Zelda rip off though which… I really cant see to be honest when you take a good look at the game play.

        • hariman

          O_o That’s the first I’ve heard of Dark Cloud being called a Legend of Zelda ripoff. It’s more of action/RPG/city builder vs Action/Adventure.

          • JillyBean

            Ive heard it a few times before and it never made sense to me either. The people who say that probably just havent played any action RPG’s besides Zelda, so instead of seeing a genre they just see it as being vaguely similar to a game theyve played before.

            But I do think Dark Cloud is hella unique with the city building mechanic and its weapon upgrade system instead of leveling up.

            • hariman

              I’ve heard of other games with solely weapon based upgrades, though not a lot of them, and I can’t recall most offhand because I didn’t play many of them.

              I’d want for another Dark Cloud sequel, but I’m happy with two good games for the series.

            • hariman

              Oh, also, most weapon based upgrade games are solely action games, not action/rpg/town building games.

    • Turcano

      Why is it unfortunate that Inside Gaming left Machinima? I’m given to understand that Machinima is the absolute nadir of multi-channel networks. They even signed DarksydePhil, for Christ’s sake.

      • ANNONNY

        People didn’t write them off when they had to admit they where payed by the truckload to give the Xbone good reviews and the like…?

        I realize that’s what gaming sites/channels have become except for stuff like Giant Bomb that’s full of people that got fired for not giving shitty games good reviews and the like, but come on, heh…

    • Mathew Collier

      Just wanted to say love you guys. Hearing two wise nerds give it to me straight on the world and more keeps me on the straight an narrow.

    • Kitty Fo

      You know if you search for that Voiceactor thing you’ll find it right?

    • The thing about monty is that he died from an allergy test from a single cat hair, to see if he was allergic to cats… wtf? its just a really bizarre off the wall death that should of never happened!

    • Great toolshed session yall!

    • Matt Ramirez

      Well lucky for Mark they /spoliers did end up doing that fight in Dead Space 3: Awakening and it ends on a cliff hanger /spoliers. Also according to Visceral they will do a Dead Space 4, but is currently doing another game at the moment, so go get ya semi-couch co-op on son.

    • MrWizard0022

      It doesn’t surprise me that Sage hates Seattle sports fans, being from San Francisco himself, and because of the well-known rivalry between the Seahawks and the 49ers. Just wish he would take a second to think about what he’s saying before he tells an entire city of people to go fuck themselves… Does he ever stop to consider that maybe part of his audience and fanbase might live in Seattle? It’s really fucking douchey of him to say that everyone who likes sports up here is rude and obnoxious, when the fans of ANY fucking sports team the world over are capable of the same shit, INCLUDING San Francisco fans. But no worries, stay fuckin’ salty that the 49ers got denied their NFC title and superbowl shot two years in a row (going on three). Good fucking riddance to Jim Harbaugh too. That man was a piece of shit, and Pete Carroll is twice the fucking coach and man that Harbaugh ever was.