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    The Shed may be slim on episodes this month with Sage’s impending hiatus, but don’t worry. What the boys lose in content, they make up for in quality. KaiserNeko drops in to talk Godzilla, Sailor Moon and just enough Man of Steel and Resident Evil to justify being restrained and put back on the happy pills.

    You can find MarzGurl’s essay on the pro-DiC-dub people HERE

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    • Guest

      The reason Godzilla targets the Mutos is because, should they manage to repopulate, they would be a clear and present threat. This is implied when Serizawa finds the Muto spores in the old Godzilla fossils early in the film.

      I thought that was obvious…

      • Jerry Forbe

        I completely forgot about that I didn’t know they actually killed godzilla monsters too.

        • Cameron Brannan

          I guess that’s what happened to these three, they might’ve just forgotten it.

          • Jerry Forbe

            Well it wasn’t really explained that it was godzilla’s cousin or anything. You just saw the spine and embryo above.

            If this movie was given a bigger budget and they showed an epic battle between mutos and godzillas I think it would’ve made for a much better film.

            • Cameron Brannan

              I think thought they made it clear that it was a Godzilla fossil through the dialogue.

              And they did show an epic battle, it was the majority of the third act. While the budget might have been part of the issue, the decision to not show fights very often was probably the smarter, safer move, I thought.

              I perfectly understand the criticism against the move, but if they had shown more fighting it could have easily gone the way of Pacific Rim, where it blew it’s load at the end of the second act, or Transformers 2, where by the end, you’re fatigued and just want it to wrap up.

            • Jerry Forbe

              By muto(s) and Godzilla(s) I meant an army of muto species fighting an army of the godzilla species. But of course that’s just ridiculous.

            • Cameron Brannan

              The movie says the creatures were around like 250 million years ago, it wouldn’t be ridiculous to assume that also means there were more than 1 or 2 Godzillas or just 2 Mutos at that time.

            • Jerry Forbe

              I meant like a flashback scene millions of years ago ‘when the earth was 10x more radioactive than it is now’ showing godzillas fighitng mutos. Based on that one scene it does imply that at some point there was more than one Godzilla and more than one muto.

    • Cameron Brannan

      The reason Godzilla targets the Mutos is because, should they manage to repopulate, they would be a clear and present threat. This is implied when Serizawa finds the Muto spores/nest in the old Godzilla fossils early in the film.

    • Cameron Brannan

      Another thing, I understand most of the criticisms (Kaiserneko complaining about the military not nuking San Francisco seemed kinda dumb to me), but I disagree with Engineer implying this movie wasn’t made for “us.”

      I think this was totally a Godzilla film from top to bottom and was made for Godzilla fans.

      About the only thing I think it mucked up was that Watanabe should’ve been the lead, being the (for lack of a better description) Godzilla scientist, he already has the most investment in what Godzilla’s doing and he’s with the military as an advisor so it puts him as close as he needs to be to the action.

      The whole Brody family thing should’ve been like some kind of side plot running through the film, if it was in the film at all.

      Other than that, sad to hear you guys didn’t like it.

    • Corey Mcintyre

      Whats this about Sage going on hiatus?!

      • tasti man LH

        Yeah dude’s apparently going to be on break all throughout June and won’t come back until July.

        Have a feeling the poor guy is suffering burnout and needs time away to relax and kick back.

        • Corey Mcintyre

          I see… did he write this on his twitter or somewhere ells?

          • tasti man LH

            Nah, it was from a previous Toolshed. Can’t remember which one off hand though.

    • Alexa

      Sailor Moon can be pretty dumb. But I love it! Really a majority of the ridiculousness is what makes me like it. Plus it was one of the few shows on tv that was about female heroes, when I watched it as a kid. Sure you had great cartoon characters like Demona on Gargoyles, and Catwoman and Batgirl on B:TAS. But those still were headlined by guys. I clung to Sailor Moon because it had a female lead and she fought evil, was funny IMO, and the mythology of the show was actually pretty damn interesting as the show progressed. Also the side and supporting characters felt three dimensional and interesting, plus I respect the show for being open about gay relationships. So those are my thoughts on Sailor Moon, and yes I will always remember Sailor Moon as Serena and Tuxedo Mask as Darian, and while the original dub is bad it was more the fault of the directing than the actors IMO.

    • Wethewax

      Q: How do you precisely detonate a bomb dropping through the atmosphere without an electrical timer or broadcast signal?

      A: Barometric fuse.

    • hariman

      Godzilla awoke because of hot air expelled by hipsters ranting about how uncool the latest trend is. That’s me theory and I’m sticking to it.

      Also, I want more Godzilla movies. And I only want Godzilla Vs. Monsters/Robots/Cthulhu. (Because Cthulhu needs an ass kicking.) But, yeah. Godzilla/Pacific Rim crossover for the win.

    • In regards to Resident Evil films, they actually do very well in Europe. Which is partly why they keep getting made. 😛

    • Nivmarx

      I loved Godzilla. It was exactly what I payed for. The build up is always long and full of bad acting in the Godzilla movies, so I didn’t mind that.


      Kaiser cat? Which pokemon character did he voice, as per the usual tool shed tradition for guests.

      But yeah……..what? Isn’t Godzilla a freaking lizard that got it’s power from nuclear testing..? That sounds like something MURRICA inspired to me, heh…

      Nuking him should just make him stronger and bigger.

    • Jegsimmons

      The reason why they dont drop the analogue nuke, is because airdropped nukes that are analogue are delivered via parachute
      they also weigh 5 tons at the least.

      Infact this actually fills up the ‘plot hole’ of the nuke being too close when it went off which means it wasnt the megaton nuke they talked bout, it was a tactical nuke they used as a lure with a smaller payload, which explains why they were able to lift it up and put it on a boat.

      that fucker was not possibly a megaton bomb because the ’54 test to kill godzilla was castle bravo…the second largest detonation ever tested at 16 megatons. the only other detonation bigger than that was tsar bomba.

      If it was a megaton bomb all of southern california would not have living people in it. So we can safely assume the big megaton nuke was the one eaten by the muto on the train and this was a smaller tactical nuke that was meant to blast and not radiate (they can actually control how much emp, radiation, and blast nukes have)

      p.s. loved godzilla

    • Jegsimmons

      On the subject of godzilla being an alpha predator it makes sense.
      Mutos are a parasitic race and they showed they can eggs in the godzilla monsters and kill them.
      If you take lions as an example, they will kill other predators (hyenas for example) and not even eat them so they dont pose a threat and take up resources.
      Yes, godzilla murdering other predators so he doesnt have to share food and prevent parasitic lava from digging in his ass is plausible. Because he knows muto’s eat his precious radiation, and lay eggs in his species (which kills them) so in order to increase his chance of living….he fucking kills them like Navy navy seals kill terror cell leaders…..in the face.

    • Rachel Nuckols

      Lol. Bennett needs to visit the Califorina Bayarea, where micro climates exist. You can start Sunny in Oakland, go through the tunnel connect it to Alameda and Alameda could be cloudy. So I can actually understand it being sunny in Oakland and cloudy in San Francisco, even though it’s a bridge apart. Plus take into account that San Francisco is by the bay, where fog tends to roll in.

    • Amit J

      Love Teknoman, too bad we never got the second season in North America. The other continents got lucky there.

    • SSH1

      Sorry Mr. engineer you’re wrong, there will be a Mecca Godzilla because they could do have a storyline where the monster actually successful in killing Godzilla and all human curse words per worst curse words we don’t have our time monster, and you’re facing off against the giant monster. Then they bring Godzilla back to life through cybernetic technology, and somehow later on they’ll have another movie where it’s found out that there’s another Godzilla and he’s past because you resurrect his best friend, and turn him into a strange monster of unknown machinery!

      If either that or if we have the aliens again!

      • First off, it’s “Mecha-Godzilla”. Also, wtf did I just read? lol!

        • SSH1

          sorry, I was in speed typing mode. Second while the first American Godzilla was terrible it did have a great cartoon series, plan bringing Mecha-Godzilla into their universe,with the exception of using alien technology, they essentially bring back dead Godzilla as a zombie robot,to kill the new Godzilla!

    • tasti man LH

      Yeah Marc, your thoughts on dubs vs sub lines up with my take on it.

      While in live action subs always because dubbing looks terrible because of off lip flaps since there’s only so much you can do on translating two completely different languages, animated works don’t have that problem.

      And since animation is a VISUAL medium, I want to be able to enjoy the freakin’ visuals of the show without having my attention captured by text sentences at the bottom of the screen.

      As for screeching voice “acting”…I don’t know, I think some of the dubs coming out now are starting to move away from it.

      For instance, the dub of the anime “Girls und Panzer” has an entire cast of high school girls. And while the VAs there still kind of, ahem “screech” everyone else…sounds like a teenage high school girl. They legitimately (in my ears) sound like the teenage girls that I knew of in that age group and could have been the kind of girls I went to high school with.

      Slow and steady, but we’re getting there.

    • penguintruth

      There’s nothing elitist about wanting the English dubbed version of an anime to reflect the intentions of the original production. It doesn’t have to be a perfect reflection, but it can’t be a complete butchering of scenes, characters, and themes.

      Also, the Bubblegum Crisis dub is just poorly ACTED. It’s pretty accurate, but the acting is really amateurish and wooden. Hell, even the Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 dub is pretty wooden in spots, and that was an entirely different group.

      The Japanese voices in BGC do not sound like little girls any more than the English cast. Kuniko Oomori was notoriously rough-sounding. Japanese versions didn’t sound as cutesy back then.

    • man been waiting for a long time for this new podcast and it was well worth the wait! Also there was nothing creepy about what neer said at the end… why the heck did you say that sage?

    • Josh

      I will say this about Godzilla: it definitely focused a little too much on the people, but when there was destruction & monster fights, they were there!

    • Orzene

      I hadn’t seen Godzilla yet, the people I talked to about it pretty much said what these guys did, so I’ll see it at some point.

      Getting to Sailor Moon: … Oh yeah? I watched it as a teenager with my mother. I don’t dress up or any of that shit, but I’m pretty sure that’s my sad nerd moment in aniime right there.

    • GTO Neko

      Definitely a great discussion overall for not only Godzilla (it was good but not great personally), but especially for Sailor Moon to be brought back for a new generation. We had our time, we knew what was going on after getting the “truth” from sources like Animerica Magazine (I miss that magazine) and the early days of going online for all. But at least all in all, let’s have others look into what we’ve grown up with. Just like with the recent re-release of Ranma 1/2, it’s time for a new generation to see it proper for what we’ve grown up with.

    • Kevin Andrew Sigler

      I have to say, I don’t care what anyone says, I LOVED the new Godzilla movie. I will admit it probably should’ve done a little less teasing and delivered a little more on the Godzilla end. However, for what was given, it was simply fantastic and totally engaging.

    • Vohaul86

      I’m a bit late for the party, but as a straight white man in his thirties I can admit that also I love (the undubbed) Sailor Moon – first saw the first story arc while in high school and I still love it, and I’m really happy about the Sailor Moon Crystal’s Infinity Arc ended up so well.

      Sailor Moon (even the undubbed one) is a silly, stupid show, but it is full of character, personality and warmth. (For comparison, my favorite episode of Cowboy Bebop is “Speak Like A Child”, and Sailor Moon gives those same vibes.)