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    The best things come in threes. Comedy? Threes. New car? The third. All the best, which may explain the new Avengers. Jump in with the boys of The Shed and beware the spoilers.

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    • Speaking as someone currently working with Marc, I have to say that his bluntness about when something’s not good enough is something I greatly appreciate. I’m hard on myself as a default setting – but the thing is that self-criticism isn’t always reliable (especially with a neurotic nutball like me), so having a second pair of eyes who’ll say whatever the hell he thinks, honestly, without sugarcoating, is something I massively appreciate.

      I certainly tend towards the same standards – I don’t like making something that’s “good enough” and that’s not what I aim for. The Critic Core Show, which I’m currently working on a reboot for, was -very- uneven in quality, but I never half-assed an episode and the end product was always the best I could realistically do with the resources available.

      Also, I look forward to when the Secret Project of Secretness can be discussed openly. It’s pretty awesome so far and I have much to say on the topic. Future ToolShed episode, maybe….?

    • Orzene

      With the whole Thanos plot thread being dangled in front of everyone, I would have thought Ultron wanting to “stay true to the mission” would go about it by making humanity useful to Thanos, possibly going though a process of global transformation where “only the best ingredients of mankind were kept alive to serve Thanos”. Maybe that’s too on the nose, but when Marvel is selling a series of movies, so they might as well go all the way.

      It would have at least gotten past the over-used “Robot becomes self-aware, sees humanity is threat, therefore kill all the humans” story.

    • hariman

      Kvetch. I don’t know if I want to avoid spoilers on Avengers 2 or not. I kinda want to see it, but I’m probably gonna wait for an extended dvd edition. I don’t have the energy to go to the theater right now.

      I think I’m gonna go listen to some of the older Toolshed episodes again instead, for now.

    • Sol Gill

      Actually I was ok with Hawkeye having a family. Main reason is because it gave Hawkeye depth and the fact that it demonstrates that heroes can be married and have families.

      Though I do agree with the Marvel Fatigue. This movie to me just felt like build up to phase 3 and I wish more Marvel films could stand on their own without connecting to something. That said I’m still excited for Captain Marvel, Inhumans and Black Panther.

      Also, I think Bennett is a bit off with his assessment of Hank Pym. I may not know every detail of Hank Pym, but I thought he only hit Jan once and that was under extreme duress and crazy. Still not a good thing, but I think there has to be more to it. Though if his assessment of Hank being awful come Ultimate Antman I can see where that comes from, because Hank in the Ultimate Universe is a truly shitty person.

    • ChefM80

      I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Archie joke with Stark’s Veronica satellite. I kind of liked Ultron being a kind of consciencness that inhabited Loki’s Staff/Mind Gem as opposed to AI run amok after coming to the conclusion that humanity is the greatest threat to humanity. Not knowing Waconda isn’t a deal breaker. I view it more as a misstep on the part of the writers. This should have been something Cap could have explained because his shield is made of vibranium and I thought it was explained to him where it came from.

      I agree with all the bits of phase 3 being thrown around but at the same time I understand the need for it. For people who haven’t seen Marvel’s 10 year plan and don’t know the movies that are in the works can get excited over hearing the name Waconda or recognizing the man who will more than likely be the villain in that movie. In a token way its universe building like what DC is slowly figuring out through their work with Flash and Arrow. If you hated the phase 3 references in the movie then don’t watch agents of shield which appears to be slowly turned into the season long trailer for the Inhumans movie.

      The events of Avengers really don’t make sense if the end game was for Thanos to gather the gems. He gives loki the mind gem to fetch the space gem and in return loki would be given earth to rule. Why did he need to build the machine on earth to open the portal? To gain one gem Thanos lost the one he had in the process.

      Thank you for acknowledging that Black widow said she was a Monster because she can’t have kids. Thats the way it was framed in the dialogue but all my friends say its obvious that she is comparing her assassin training to being a monster. Why can’t there be an avenger’s movie that involves Red Hulk aka Thunderbolt Ross thats similar to the EMH episode? What I wish they would do is finally make Incredible Hulk 2 and finally bring the Leader in like they teased in the last movie.

    • Nick Napier

      When Marc was talking about Age of Ultron as a movie he never needed to see again, it reminded me of the Spoony quote about Grave of the Fireflies that Sage used in his review.

    • Jegsimmons

      Joss whedon is half the reason i caught marvel fatigue really quick. I really cant stand his writing, and im one of the few people i know that didnt like Firefly outside of Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillian’s characters, mostly because I imagined Jane as the great great great grandson of Animal Mother, but i digress. Everything else by him regardless of what it is always makes me feel “meh” at best.
      I saw Avengers and never needed to it again, and i was noticing all the other marvel films are starting to feel very whedon like, or in GOTG’s case…worse….Fucking obnoxious.

      The MCU movies are made by good directors, but none of them are allowed to direct the movies as artist. So we dont get anything resembling artistic flare in terms of cinematography, editing, sound, ect.
      And since they’re TRYING to be the same similar style as everyone else half of everything seems forced.
      The only times they deviated, daredevil and Winter Soldier, it was great.

      And oddly its for these reasons i liked MOS more than the avengers.
      Yeah i said it. Zack Snyder knows how to set a scene.

      • DJKennedy90 .

        Sorry to say, but I burned out on Whedon much earlier than AoU. Like around Cabin in the Woods. Loved it the first time I saw it, then saw it on DVD when watching it with my sister and I realized that I absolutely fucking hated it’s pessimestic bullshit ending. It’s why I didn’t bother seeing any of the Avengers movies at all.

        But I’m sad to hear that AoU didn’t live up to the hype the well recieved trailers (pre-overload, mind you) had set up for it.

        As a MoS apologist (and I can FULLY understand why ‘Neer says it’s a ‘never have to see it again’ movie), I can only hope that there’s an inverse for the trailer to movie thing that AoU had, with the derided trailer hiding a good movie. I see potential in the trailer, but it’s so depressing and pessimistic, which seems to ruin the potential optimism that MoS ended with.

        I’m also worried about how Justice League is split up into a Part One and Part Two, with two years and about 3 movies between. At least Wonder Woman gets her own movie before then. And hopefully Flash will keep Lord & Miller.

        • Randy Williams

          My issue is simply are they going CORE justice league? Or justice league unlimited.

          • Jegsimmons

            from what i understand its core but expands a little bit into unlimited.
            dont quote me on that though.

    • penguintruth

      I enjoyed the movie, but it was way too long and parts of it were too concerned about setting up other parts of the MCU. They could have condensed or cut certain things, like the Ulysses Klaw character, who was completely pointless within the context of the movie. Most of what needed cutting wasn’t even bad, just excessive. Cake mix ice cream is good, but if you eat too much, you get sick. The multiple battles went on too long and yes, the characters could get a little too quippy, though that really adds a certain chemistry between the characters. It’s not a bad movie by any means, just a flawed one. I love these characters and their portrayals, but it was exhausting and I don’t want to see them for a while now.

    • Branded89

      New toolshed when? Looking forward to it.

    • soundcloud instead of the normal video format? Wow ive been gone to long, lol, last time i was here tool shed videos it was in video format, still marathoning my way to yalls most recent stuff, will spend all day on your website today, im off from work sick and got nothing better to do today ;3