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    Anime Abandon: Tenchi Universe

     Aug 28 2017 | more 

    We know where Tenchi started, but what about where it went?

    • Ilian Todorov

      I wonder if Sage will cover Tenchi in Tokyo or the other spinoffs.

    • Neon

      I guess Gundam is gonna have to wait some more….. until the next Toonami month……. Maybe =_=

      • hariman

        Gundam will probably be its own month.

        • Fiery Little One

          Considering how many entries there are, yeah, it would need its own month.

          • Neon

            Depends on the year they were dubbed and released in the west. Remember: Sage has a cut off date.

            • Fiery Little One

              Minus 10 on the current year, yep. So I believe he’d be able to cover up to the 2 series I’m reasonably familiar with, Seed and Seed Destiny.

    • hariman

      Tenchi Universe was entertaining though. It’s a series where you come for the silliness, and stay for the serious side. Or vice versa, depending on your tastes.

      I didn’t see Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki until YEARS later, so that’s probably a factor for me. Honestly, I do like Tenchi Muyo a little better for the tighter story, and I forgot the filler by now.

      I actually thought that Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki was set AFTER Universe and other series, until now. 😛

      Also, I look forward to the upcoming insanity of Sailor Moon! Or the sanity, as it’s actually kind of… not THAT horrible, but not a “guy” thing. Well, unless you read the manga, from what I hear.

    • Jiryn

      I was a major Tenchi fan in the 90s, when I first started getting the series on VHS when I was a teen. Then during a summer clearance sale I was able to get every OVA, and TV series for cheap from an online realtor. (This was before GXP and Season 3’s US release)

      That being said, I thought most of the series was based off of Ryo-Ohki, it seems to have the most longevity of the series. While the first movie was based off Universe, movies 2 and 3 seemed to be a mix, The specials were more Ryo-Ohki, along with GXP and War on Gemnar (not seen this, season 4, or Ai Tenchi yet.)

      Oddly enough, I always enjoyed GXP. I think it’s just the over the top, silly slapstick of it all and how nonsensical it became.. but GXP is the one Tenchi series I can still watch without any problem.

      As for the worst series in Tenchi, that’s easily Tenchi in Tokyo. Once again rebooting the series, but making it even weirder and nonsensical than before and adding in a god-child to wrap everything up… In Tokyo just was all the worst elements mashed together.

      • DJKennedy90 .

        Same, became a big Tenchi fan after Toonami started showing it.

        I still have a soft spot for GXP, despite it’s flaws being even more glaring than the OVA’s (yes even 3, where you can’t understand anything in the final 2-3 episodes without reading supplemental material).

        GXP is a series that had everything against it; it was made to PROMOTE OVA 3, and thus didn’t really explore those connections, the director and series producer had such major disagreements that the producer had to make a series of light novels to retell GXP so it’d fit INTO the OVA canon, and aside from 2 episodes Tenchi and the main cast didn’t factor into the series much at all. But I still enjoy it for the most part.

        I’d love to see Sage cover the really out there spin offs, Dual! Parallel Adventure, and War on Geminar some day.

        • Jiryn

          I originally saw Dual on Anime Unleashed years ago, and absolutely loved it!
          It’s the only related series that I don’t own, wish I could find a copy or that they re-release it now that Funimation holds most the rights.

          • DJKennedy90 .

            Sadly, the only way I’ve been able to find it at all is through, ahem, less than legal means.

            It’s also sad that Dual will never really be explored further in how it connects with the Tenchi multiverse other than Zinv the robot and its ability to produce Light-Hawk Wings.

            Hell, there’s so much that supplemental material that Masaki, the creator, makes that will never get translated. It’s one of the reasons that OVA 3 was as big a flop in the West as it was; it didn’t even try to answer many of its big questions like how Sasami’s mom was a God Killer or Kagato’s overly complicated backstory. It assumed the (Japanese) audience would be able to by the books/doujin and see it there.

      • Raiden

        I am looking forward to Bennett eventually reviewing Tokyo. . . But having said that Tenchi in Tokyo Isnt without its moments. It gets completely absurd at points. . . But the episode where Ryoko and Ayeka team up to fight the Shrine goddess is absurdist comedy gold.

    • Fiery Little One

      It is interesting that you keep coming back to this, but since you have said you have characters you do/don’t like not as surprising as you might think.

    • You can see his hand visibly shaking when he holds up the case. I don’t blame ‘im!

    • Eli Gionet

      damn, thought you were going to finally tackle Gudam

    • Cameron Ward

      I don’t think I fully agree with the whole reason behind enjoying the first over the second. I get the reasoning, but just because it was first? I mean, yeah, if the OVA didn’t exist, there would be no second series, but I think by adding more seasons to the original OVA series, it ruins its charm and solidness.

      the Universe series though is flawed, but way more doable.

    • Cameron Ward

      btw can anyone tall what the anime series is above the JW hat? the thick one what looks like a large X in the title?

      • Shadablade

        Looks like Saber Marionette J to X

    • Aotrs Commander

      I dunno. I found the filler in Naruto (especially once it hit Shippuden) as if, not more, entertaining thna the main plot. But I know I’m in the minority in that regard.