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    Nuts & Bolts: Bubblegum Crisis

     Mar 21 2016 | more 

    Bill Rogers stops by to join the boys in talking shop on Bubblegum Crisis.

    • Issun86

      Go team Gabe!

    • JillyBean

      I was thinking about those gundams I gifted you when I first watched this episode and it panned over the amazon lists.

      But I really liked this episode, and bubblegum crisis is old but good memories for me. I cant wait to see more episodes on this series.

    • hariman

      *Sighs* Vision of Escaflowne, even subbed, is up around $100 used, and the remastering is $125 dollars right now, on kickstarter. So… yeah. More than just Gundam.

      Also, I could figure out that a hard drive is going bad in less than 6 days! Heck, I already have! Twice! That repair store has some lazy and pathetic techs if they can’t figure that out.

      • Raiden

        At least Funimation is stepping in so that it can be enjoyed by a new generation.

        Incidentally, I hope Bennet gets around to making a video about that eventually.

        • hariman

          Hopefully, once production ramps up, the cost will go down. I can’t afford a copy right now, but I do want a copy of Vision of Escaflowne of my own at some point.

          • Raiden

            I really love how they’re not just getting a new remastered dub with the original Japanese directors involvement, but they’re also going to great lengths to preserve the original dub.

            Also, Bennet if you see this. I highly recommend you pick up the Manga that serves as the Animes source material. The difference between the two is staggering.

            • hariman

              *Chuckles.* I’m glad to see that the original Japanese and subs are being kept. I’m one of those “Subs are better than (most) dubs” guys. Although, I do admit there are exceptions, like Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, among others.

              Hmm. *Goes to look up the Escaflowne manga*.

        • John Ellis

          Yeah but it sucks that they are kicking the dub off into the DVD, in favour of their dub. the UK version has the original dub in HD, though that may change with what Funi has done.

          • Raiden

            The reason they’re redubbing it is twofold.

            1) Some footage was edited out of the original american release of the series. Not just the Saban Fox kids edit, even the adult cut released on DVD had some footage removed. So that necessitates a redub because an original unedited version has never been fully dubbed.

            2) Some of the voice actors from the original dub have retired or are out of feasible reach. Or in the case of the voice of Prince Chid has grown too old for his role. (the original dub recruited actual kids to voice the child characters).

            • John Ellis

              Very close, it was actual that was taken out the original Japanese broadcast and then added later after the English release.

              How it would of worked is that the 26 shows would be on Blu-Ray and then those re-edited episodes would of been included sub only, at least that’s how the UK release was planed(this Kicksatrter may change that). But Funimation decided to re-dub everything for 8 minutes of pretty pointless scenes:(

    • Cameron Ward

      I feel like Sage shouldn’t try to find a point in everything. It’s why his review of Robot Carnival rubbed me the wrong way. Fantasia didn’t have much of a point and that film gets all the praise. Robot Carnival is essentially the 80s japanese Fantasia.