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    It’s no myth, this is just… pure crap.

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    How can a man be in so many ego projects, and still be this likable?

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    With 2017 still fresh in the box, Anime Abandon dives into the frustratingly flawed Metropolis. New year, same old Sage.

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    Let’s just get this over with…

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    2017 is finally here, and we bid 2016 a… tepid farewell to 2016 by counting down our favorite films of the year.

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    No… no… it can’t be… but it IS!!! A NEW SUPER TOOLSHED! After a nine month absence what ISN’T there for the boys of The Shed to talk about? Hit the jump and find out for yourself!

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    Sage vs. Passengers

     Dec 24 2016 | Comments  0 

    Boxing Helena… INNNNN…. SPAAAAAAAACE!

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