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    The fate of Anno is also the joy of reboot.

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    Sage vs. Atomic Blonde

     Jul 29 2017 | Comments  0 

    More like “Atomic Bleh”, amirite?!

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    Sage vs. Valerian

     Jul 23 2017 | Comments  0 

    A glorious, twenty car pile up of a mess, and you cannot keep your eyes off of it.

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    Coming off of the last two movies, there was nowhere else to go but up.

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    Sage vs. Baby Driver

     Jul 2 2017 | Comments  2 

    It’s either the latest from Edgar Wright, or the title of a rejected SNL sketch.

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    Sometimes, a premise can be stretched to ridiculous, and hilarious lengths.

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    Sage vs. The Mummy

     Jun 10 2017 | Comments  0 

    The Dark Universe’s “Big Bang” is more a damp squib.

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