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    Sage vs. Passengers

     Dec 24 2016 | Comments  0 

    Boxing Helena… INNNNN…. SPAAAAAAAACE!

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    Sage vs. Rogue One

     Dec 17 2016 | Comments  5 

    Forest Whitaker has a tentacle monster. FOREST WHITAKER HAS A TENTACLE MONSTER!

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    Merry adequate Christmas movie, everyone!

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    Sage vs. Incarnate

     Dec 2 2016 | Comments  0 

    After an unforeseen hiatus, Sage vs. is back to look at the surprisingly watchable Incarnate.

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    Sage vs. Inferno

     Oct 31 2016 | Comments  0 

    How in the world did this wind up watchable?

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    Oh, it’s a horror movie alright, just not in the way it was intended.

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    A ridiculously entertaining movie… emphasis on the ridiculous.

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