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    The year is up and it’s time for Sage and Gabe to look back and count down their best and worst movies of 2014.

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    Sage vs. Birdman

     Dec 25 2014 | Comments  3 

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a Sage vs. on Birdman!

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    Sage vs. Interstellar

     Nov 7 2014 | Comments  4 

    Maybe not as stellar as Sage was hoping, but a trip worth taking nonetheless. SPOILERS.

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    Sage vs. Nightcrawler

     Nov 1 2014 | Comments  3 

    Who’d ever thought that Jake Gyllenhaal could be even more awkward than he was in Donnie Darko?

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    Sage vs. John Wick

     Oct 25 2014 | Comments  7 

    The most surprisingly good movie of the year. Just watch out if you have a thing for dogs…

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    The first split in Sage VS. history! Sage hated it, but Gabe REALLY hated it.

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    Funny… thought we heard this story before.

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