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    Sage vs. Sully

     Sep 10 2016 | Comments  1 

    A solid, hour and a half of just plain, vanilla nothing.

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    Sage vs. Sausage Party

     Aug 12 2016 | Comments  3 

    Theology and fart & wiener jokes. Together at last.

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    This is the part where Gabe’s soul snaps like a Kit Kat Bar.

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    Sage vs. Jason Bourne

     Aug 2 2016 | Comments  0 

    Can someone tell Paul Greengrass to lay off the caffeine, for God’s sake?

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    It’s a full house, as Sage and company schemes on a thing that’s Sabotage.

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    Sage vs. Ghostbusters

     Jul 15 2016 | Comments  7 

    The only movie so far this year that NEEDED to be better.

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    Nothing can make a bad movie good like watching it torture your good friends.

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