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    Oh, child… a recompense is coming. It’s coming…

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    The boys of The Shed talk about the new Power Rangers, DeathNote, Ghost in the Shell and pepper in some of the odd thoughts and end wonderments which make this a show only they could do. Jump in.

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    Sage vs. Power Rangers

     Mar 24 2017 | Comments  2 

    No Bulk and Skull? No Power Rangers.

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    Commentaries continue and Marc and Sage take a look back at a review… that takes a look back at Anime Abandon.

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    A month of commentaries commences with a look back at the Fifth Anniversary Special, Speed Racer. Featuring Doug Walker.

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    Schlock… pure schlock. And Sage loves it to bits.

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    Sage vs. Logan

     Mar 5 2017 | Comments  0 

    I keep pitching this team-up to Marvel, but they won’t accept my calls.

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