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    While we take the month of March off to circle the wagons and prepare the next episodes of Anime Abandon, we’re happy to give our small and humble stage to Lachlan Huddy.

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    Sage vs. Zootopia

     Mar 5 2016 | Comments  2 

    Sure to be Eddie Redmayne’s favorite movie since Cat’s Don’t Dance.

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    Nearly three months without an episode, the boys of the Shed gear up and whip out the purple stuff for some serious pre-spring cleaning. They talk about “The Lost Quarter”, Street Fighter, throw in some of the usual general life chat and tie it up with some electric weasels.

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    March 2016 Update

     Mar 1 2016 | Comments  11 

    Some updates from The Sage on why Mid-Season breaks are happening.

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    It’s exactly what you think it is. And that’s a good thing.

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    Sage vs. Gods of Egypt

     Feb 27 2016 | Comments  5 

    Probably the most insulting movie that Gabe has seen in theaters. Sage didn’t like it much either.

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    Raunchy, funny, but flawed.

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