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    Sometimes, a premise can be stretched to ridiculous, and hilarious lengths.

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    Trading up the pretentiousness for even more silliness, Queen Bee is about as good as Golgo gets.

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    As the door into summer swings open the boys of the Shed greet the coming blockbusters with open arms. After a bit of meandering, Wonder Woman becomes of the talk of the day… month… quarter? Hmm…

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    Sage vs. The Mummy

     Jun 10 2017 | Comments  0 

    The Dark Universe’s “Big Bang” is more a damp squib.

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    Chris Stuckmann joins Sage as they cover the most unlikely anime film adaptation ever released.

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    Sage vs. Wonder Woman

     Jun 2 2017 | Comments  2 

    A legit good DC Universe movie? Will wonders ever cease?

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    The next big, Hollywood anime adaptation is… not what you think it is.

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